Trump Knew This Was Coming...

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Trump knew they were going to use everything they could against him.

They even stooped to the level of orchestrating a fake arrest!

The slander and smear campaign against our President, along with his 75 MILLION supporters, has gone too far, and it's time for those responsible to pay the price for their treachery. The so-called "mainstream media" is dead, and even Fox News has turned its back on our leader.

Big Tech is engaging in Orwellian tactics to silence conservative voices and censor free speech, while the corrupt Democrats, Joe Biden, the Washington D.C. Swamp, and the media are all united in their fight against President Trump and the American people.

They rigged the election, and the proof is piling up every day, yet the mainstream media refuses to report on any of it! Are you fed up with being denied access to the truth?

It's not too late to take action. We need to reclaim the news from the hands of the biased mainstream media and support independent journalism. 

Join our monthly physical newsletter and help us in our mission to bring real news back to the forefront. As a true Patriot, it's time to stand up and fight for our country!

Here is an example of what is inside:

The media and big tech don't want you to get your hands on this newsletter because they can't manipulate its content!

 They are absolutely terrified of what might happen if the American people were to discover the truth about what's really happening in our country.

To make matters worse, Facebook is suppressing the truth with fake "fact-checkers" and even banning the sitting President of the United States! It's time to take a stand and push back against this censorship.

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Don't let the mainstream media and big tech control the narrative. Join forces with fellow patriots who are committed to getting the REAL NEWS every month and staying informed about what's truly going on in our country.


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I am sick and tired of the false allegations on Donald Trump and I am glad to support an organization fighting against fake news! - Niko P. 

Love this newsletter and I am so grateful people are standing up against Tyranny
- Lindsey M.

Love my Trump Bill! Super fast shipping too. Happy I joined the Raging Patriot Family. - Tim G.

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